Vegas Fasteners - Speciality Fastener Manufacturing

Current Vegas Fastener Manufacturing co-owners have a combined 150 years in the fastener business.

Richard Lassiter was the founder of Nevada Nut & Bolt, later renamed Non-Ferrous Bolt & Manufacturing. Ed Cebulko was an ownership partner in NFBM and Jim Foytik, its plant manager. Non-Ferrous Bolt & Manufacturing was bought by SPS in July 1998, Foytik left to establish Vegas Fastener Manufacturing in November 1998. Lassiter joined him in September 2000 and Cebulko in September 2001 as co-owners.

SPS closed its Las Vegas fastener facility in 2000, and Vegas Fastener Manufacturing acquired leaders of their former company’s production and testing staff.

You can think of Vegas Fastener Manufacturing as a quality alloy, a blend of the skills, capabilities and extensive experience of its manufacturing team. This highly experienced Vegas Fastener Manufacturing team has realized its vision:

  • To create a company with the strength and resourcefulness to respond quickly and accurately to the growing exotic material/specialty fastener market
  • To offer quality fasteners delivered on time – QFOT, for short

Our Facility

Our facility houses hundreds of machine tools, including:

  • 10-ton through 1,600-ton forging presses
  • Computer-controlled turning centers
  • Vertical CNC mills
  • CNC bar feeders

Our Cincinnati centerless grinders and roll threaders are capable of rolling fastener threads from #10 to 6″ in diameter.

In September 2003, we moved into our new, state-of-the-art, 100,000 sq. ft. facility. This new space allows us to serve our customers better and more efficiently.

No wonder we’re a leading domestic producer of specialty fasteners!


AS 9100 D / ISO 9001:2015

API 20F/Q1