What products does Vegas Fastener Manufacturing make?

Vegas Fastener specializes in the hot forging of high-temperature and corrosion-resistant alloys in SAE and metric sizes from #10 to 6″ (6 mm-75 mm). All our products conform to the Industrial Fasteners Institute (IFI) standards, if required. We manufacture:

  • Bolts (6-12 point), including spline, penta, flange, shoulder, lightening holes, finished, heavy, square, and t-head
  • Nuts (6-12 point), including flange, jam, lock, slot, spline, finished, heavy, square and high
  • Socket caps, including cylindrical, flat, button, hex-to-hex (1/4″-2.00″) 
    (6 mm-50 mm)
  • Studs, including double-end, full-thread and tap-end

Our materials needs are specialized. Can you manufacture our fasteners in the material we specify?

Yes, we can. Vegas Fastener maintains a variety of specialized and exotic bar stock materials unmatched in the industry, from rare and valuable exotics to common steel. Whether you need steel or Tantalum, we have it in stock.

Must we provide the design and specs of the fasteners we want?

Yes. Vegas Fastener will manufacture your fasteners precisely to your design and specifications. We also have in-house engineering to support your design requirements.

What are your production capabilities?

Our Vegas Fastener Manufacturing facility houses hundreds of machine tools, including the 10-ton through 1,600-ton forging presses, computerized numerically controlled turning centers, vertical CNC mills and CNC bar feeders, Cincinnati centerless grinders and roll-threaders capable of rolling fastener threads from #10 to 6″ in diameter.

Can we be sure of the quality of our order?

Absolutely! Vegas Fastener Manufacturing certifies the quality of everything we make. Our quality control programs are ANSI / ISO / ASQ Q9001-2015 and AS9100 compliant. It does thorough testing and analysis of all products to 120,000 pounds (55,000 kg), including hardness, micro-hardness, impact, chemical, magnetic particle, penetrant, and dimensional inspection.

Can you ensure we’ll get our order on time?

You bet! The Vegas Fastener motto is Quality Fasteners on Time – QFOT for short.

Under our guaranteed delivery program, you’ll get your order on or before the promised delivery date or we’ll pay a penalty. If we can’t meet your deadline, we’ll tell you right upfront. We never promise more than we can deliver.