Specialty Fastener Products

Even the smallest parts are crucial and need to last. Each of our high strength, corrosion resistant, specialty fastener products are custom engineered and manufactured from the highest-quality materials to meet your exact specifications.  

All of our products are melted and manufactured in the United States of America, ensuring quality of material & workmanship and a delivery date you can count on.

Custom Sockets 

Always made to last, we offer quality sockets, both special and standard, including: 

  • Head Styles:
    • Socket Head Cap Screws
    • Internal Wrenching Bolts
    • Flat Socket Head Cap Screws
    • Socket Shoulder Screws
    • Socket Set Screws
    • Round Head Button Socket Screw
    • NAS 1351 and NAS 1352 
  • Size Range:
    • Diameter: From #8 to 3.5″  (4mm to 90mm)

Custom Studs

Always made to last, we offer quality studs manufactured to your exacting requirements: 

  • Stud Types:
    • Single Ended Studs
    • Double Ended Studs
    • Full Threaded Studs
    • Special Collar and Reduced Body Studs
    • Both “in-feed” and “through-feed” capabilities
  • Size Range:
    • 1/4″ through 8″ in diameter (6mm to 200mm)
    • Up to 12″ in length (3.65 M)

Custom Bolts

Always made to last, we offer quality bolts, both special and standard, including: 

  • Head Styles:
    • Hex Head Bolts
    • Heavy Hex Head Bolts
    • Hex Flange Bolts
    • 12 Point Flange Bolts
    • Spline Heads Bolts
    • Penta Head Bolts
    • Plow Bolts
    • Carriage Head Bolts
    • Square Head Machine Bolts
    • T-Head Bolts
    • Special Drilled Head Bolts
    • Special Custom Designed Heads per Print
  • Size Range:
    • Diameter: From #8 to 3.5″  (4mm to 90mm)

Custom Nuts

Always made to last, we offer quality nuts, both special and standard, including: 

  • Head Styles:
    • Hex Nuts
    • Heavy Hex Nuts
    • Hex Lock Nuts
    • Heavy Hex Lock Nuts
    • Hex Jam Nuts
    • Square Nuts
    • 12 Point Nuts
    • 12 Point Lock Nuts
    • Mechanical and Chemical Lock Nuts
    • Special Custom Designed Nuts per Print
  • Size Range:
    • Diameter: From #8 to 3.5″  (4mm to 90mm)

Custom Machined Components

Our specialty machine process and focus on “to print specials” allows us to extend our product offering to include custom machined components. Our 100,000 square foot machine shop is well equipped and capable of manufacturing custom designed components.  

Manufacturing Equipment:

  • 20 Hot Forge Presses from 10 ton to 1600 ton
  • 50+ Okuma CNC Turning Centers
  • 4 CNC Mills
  • 14 Thread Roll Machines: ¼” to 8” Diameter
  • 14 EDM’s (sinker and wire EDM)
  • 17 Centerless Grinders
  • NDT (MP and LP) with Level 3 Certified Staff
  • Over 3,000 Measuring and Inspection Devices
  • 3 Tensile Testing up to 400,000 lbs.
  • Cut-off, Part Mark, De-burr and Other Support Equipment


Vegas Fastener Manufacturing produces parts from specialty non-ferrous alloys through our 100,000 square foot facility located in Las Vegas, NV.

  • Most Common Materials:
    • Monel K500
    • Inconel 625
    • Inconel 718
    • A-286
    • Monel 400
    • Hastelloy C-276
    • Waspaloy
    • Silicone Bronze
    • 17-4 PH
    • 300 & 400 Series Stainless
    • Super Alloys
    • 4340/8740 Steel
  • Most Common Product Features
    • Hot forging/forming technology is used to form net shape
    • Reduced Body Machining
    • Wire Hole Drilling
    • Heat Treat and Platting Services
    • Centerless Grinding
    • Rolled Threads
    • SAE & Metric Sizes  (#8 – 8.00″ or 4mm – 200mm)
    • Manufactured to print and/or industrial standards
  • Manufacturing Standards
    • ASTM
    • AMS
    • ASME
    • FF-S-85
    • FF-S-92
    • MIL-S-1222
    • MIL-DTL-1222
    • DIN/ISO

Our processes are driven by our Quality Management System and our parts are checked through our ISO-17025 compliant lab ensuring superior quality parts are the result.

  • Registered to ISO 9001:2015
  • Registered to API 20F and API Q1
  • Test Lab Compliant to ISO-17025  

For more information about our Quality Compliant Programs, please visit our in-house lab page. 

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