Backed by AS and ISO 9001 quality standards, we forge custom, specialty fasteners with unparalleled precision so that industries like yours remain connected. Within each, we support distributors and original equipment manufacturers by providing quality fasteners on time.



Since the beginning, we’ve worked with Aerospace industry organizations to develop and create new specialty fastener solutions that are stronger, lighter, resistant to higher temperatures, and more reliable. Whether it’s a socket head cap screw or landing gear legs, all of our products adhere to the highest quality requirements.

Oil and Gas

Our proven reliability, coupled with advantages of being clean, fast, and consistent make our Oil and Gas speciality fasteners ideal in harsh environments. We manufacture forged and machined parts in large quantities  to support subsea, platform and land applications.

Power Gen

Rotor and combustion hardware for gas turbines, steam turbines and wind-powered turbines all require specialty fasteners that ensure high temperatures and corrosion resistant. Our products, produced on-time and on-budget continually stand up to these challenges to power generation possible.

Pulp and Paper

Corrosive materials and processes are at the heart of the Pulp and Paper industry. To protect against corrosion, we use the same speciality fastener materials found in marine vessels to provide the highest strength and quality products.

Chemical Processing

Unique metals are required to stand-up against high temperatures and harsh acids. Our customized speciality fasteners are safe and reliable within any chemical infrastructure.

Water Systems

Our specialty fasteners provide protection against rust, salt water exposure and water contaminated with chemicals to ensure your water systems remain operable at all times.