Material Spotlight-Inconel Alloy 718

Inconel Alloy 718 is a nickel-chromium based material which combines high strength and excellent corrosion resistance. It is commonly used in applications from -400 deg F. to 1200 deg F. and maintains its oxidation resistance throughout that temperature range. Alloy 718 is covered by several industry specifications including AMS 5662, AMS 5663 and ASTM B637. Its chemical composition can be found at . Alloy 718 is used extensively in power generation (gas turbines), oil and gas production and refining, shipbuilding (military and commercial), aerospace, chemical processing, and others.

Vegas Fastener Manufacturing hot forges alloy 718 externally and internally threaded fasteners including hex bolts and nuts, 12- point bolts and nuts, socket cap screws, fully threaded studs and custom, per print specials. Secondary operations such as CNC machining, centerless grinding and roll threading are also completed in our 100,00 square foot facility. With our in- house testing lab, we can ensure that the parts we manufacture will conform to all required specifications-chemical, dimensional and mechanical.

Alloy 718 is used in many, very demanding and critical applications. Fabricating parts from alloy 718 requires highly specialized equipment and personnel. VFM has 21 hot forging presses ranging in size from 15 ton to 1600 ton. We also have 15 roll threaders and over 60 CNC turning and milling centers and 12 centerless grinders. Vegas Fastener is your premier source for domestically manufactured fasteners in alloy 718 and many other corrosion resistant, high temperature and high strength alloys such as A-286, K-500, Waspaloy, 17-4PH, Monel 400, 600, 625, x-750 and many others.

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