Hastelloy G

Do you need custom fasteners created with Hastelloy™ G-50? Since our inception, Vegas Fastener Group has met every challenge of providing Quality, Timely, Cost-effective solutions for specialty fastener applications. Every product is built to your specifications, using your prints if necessary.

Below are the technical specifications of the Hastelloy™ G Bar Stock we have available to meet your needs.

CABVAL Hastelloy® G-50™ Grade 100 Ni-Cr-Fe-Mo Alloy

Subcategory: Metal; Nickel Base; Nonferrous Metal; Superalloy Key Words: UNS N06950

Component Wt. %
Al Max 0.4
C Max 0.02
Co Max 2.5
Cr 19 – 21
Cu Max 0.5
Fe 15 – 20
Mn Max 1
Mo 8 – 10
Nb Max 0.5
Ni Min50
P Max 0.04
S Max 0.015
Si Max 1
W Max 1

Material Notes: Developed as a lower cost alternative to Hastelloy C-276 for use by producers of sour gas. Improved corrosion resistance compared to G-3 in service with high hydrogen disulfide concentrations in combination with carbon dioxide, chloride, etc. Its corrosion resistance at elevated temperatures falls between G-3 and C-276 in 15% HCl and in hydrogen sulfide sress corrosion cracking tests. G-50 alloy lends itself to consistent methods of manufacture of tubular products.

Data provided by CABVAL, a joint venture between Haynes International and Vallourec Industries.

Physical Properties Metric English Comments
Density 8.33 g/cc 0.301 lb/in³
Mechanical Properties
Hardness, Brinell 290 290 Estimated from Rockwell C for Brinell 10 mm ball/3000 kg load
Hardness, Knoop 345 345 Estimated from Rockwell C
Hardness, Rockwell A 66 66 Estimated from Rockwell C
Hardness, Rockwell C Max 31 Max 31
Hardness, Vickers 300 300 Estimated from Rockwell C
Tensile Strength, Ultimate Min 760 MPa Min 110000 psi
Tensile Strength, Yield 700 – 860 MPa 102000 – 125000 psi 0.2% offset
Elongation at Break Min 20 % Min 20 %
Modulus of Elasticity 192 GPa 27800 ksi Room Temp
Thermal Properties
CTE, linear 20°C 13 µm/m-°C 7.22 µin/in-°F 20-95°C
CTE, linear 250°C 14.09 µm/m-°C 7.83 µin/in-°F 20-315°C; value is 13.54 µm/m-C from 20 – 204°C