Carpenter 21-12N

Do you need custom fasteners created with Carpenter™ 21-12N? Since our inception, Vegas Fastener Group has met every challenge of providing Quality, Timely, Cost-effective solutions for specialty fastener applications. Every product is built to your specifications, using your prints if necessary.

Below are the technical specifications of the Carpenter™ 21-12N Bar Stock we have available to meet your needs.

Carpenter™ 21-12N Stainless Steel, Bar

Subcategory: Metal; Stainless Steel;

Key Words: Carpenter Technology Corporation, Carpenter Steel Division; Cartech,

Component Wt. %
Carbon 0.20%
Chromium 21%
Manganese 1.75%
Nickel 11.50%
Silicon 0.80%
Nitrogen 0.20%

Material Notes: This alloy has been used as the head material in two-piece exhaust valves for both diesel and gasoline engines. It offers excellent high temperature strength and hardness as well as corrosion resistance to combustion products.Machinability : Machinability properties are comparable to the standard 18-8 stainless alloys.

Physical Properties Metric English Comments
Density 8.08 g/cc 0.292 lb/in³
Mechanical Properties
Tensile Strength, Ultimate 852 MPa 123.5 Ksi
Elongation at Break 42.0 % 42.0 %
Reduction of Area 60 % 60 %
Brinell Hardness 241